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The Myth Series

There are changes happening here in my worlds. The past year has been filled with medical issues, causing my writing to be delayed. I am now recovering and ready to start getting back on track. 

Starting with the Myth Series...

After careful consideration and keeping readers and peers suggestions in mind, the Myth Series is undergoing an overhaul. Blood Myth will be released and combined with a prequel and an extended version of the book under the title Beyond the Myth. 

The Myth Prequel is a new addition to the novel and will also be available separate for those readers who have already read Blood Myth. Both the novella and the novel are stand alone stories but they provide a much richer story when read together. 

Spring 2014 Releases

Myth (Prequel) - Baset and Akhekh - Released

Beyond the Myth(release novel Blood Myth)- Zakah Sange and Sorina Ruzicka-Released

Late Summer 2014 Release

Betrayed by the Myth (Novel) - Afina Dakhla and Cheres Mirzaei

Late Fall/Early Winter 2014 Release

Changed by the Myth -Zampara Lupei

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